Fire Doors and

Fire Doors and Smoke Doors are made from a special fire resistant materials and need to have a fire rating compliance tag, they also have a steel fire resistant door frame that is an entrance to a fire proof stairway or tunnel. At Majestic fire we provide personal services on all our equipment.

Fire Rated Doors & Components – Majestic Fire provide fire doors and smoke doors installation, replacement and maintenance services.

A Fire door have a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure.

At Majestic Fire Protection we can also supply and install:

  • Steel Frames
  • Fire Rated Locks and Door Closers
  • Passive Fire Stopping

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We provide free quotations for fire protection to companies, strata managers, body corporates, owner’s and agents for all commercial, industrial and residential buildings, which require:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs or Replacements
  • Fire audits and or reports

At Majestic Fire Protection we inspect, rectify or install all your fire doors , smoke doors and safety doors, Frames and exits as to be compliant with Australian standards. Providing you with a Form 15 Certificates of Compliance and Completion.

Services for Fire Door and Smoke Door will include:

  • Inspect and rectify exiting Doors.
  • Supply and Install new fire Doors and Smoke Doors to comply with current regulations and Australian Standards
  • Provide Compliance certificates for Fire Doors and Smoke Doors
  • Fire door inspections as per AS 1851
  • Smoke Door Inspections and Maintenance as per AS 1851- 2005


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A Fire Door or A Smoke Door

A Fire Door and Smoke Door will save lives and property. Fire protection should be a priority for any homeowner or business.smokedoor-e1529250105131 The sheer amount of damage that can be caused when a fire breaks out, and the speed that the flames and smoke travel can kill within minutes. fire and smoke doors are an absolute essential to save lives and property.

When a fire door or smoke door are installed they can limit the spread of fire and smoke around a building, and if a fire has actually broken out, it will help to contain the smoke and fire damage to one compartment, rather than have it destroy the entire building.