Fire Safety Certificate

A fire safety certificate indicates that fire safety measures have been installed and perform in accordance with the relevant Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards and must be lodged with Council or the PCA (where appropriate) immediately upon completion of:

  • A fire safety order or
  • A change in use and before the new use is commenced or the building is occupied for new building works or additions/alterations.

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If you are required to provide certification for these measures, Council or the PCA will advise you in the form of a Development Consent, construction certificate or Complying Development Certificate and include detailed information such as the installation and performance standards which apply.

Council may also issue a Fire Safety Order which will specify the measures required to be installed in a building and their standard of performance.

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What is a fire safety certificate 

fire safety certificate is granted after the plans and specifications for a new building. The fire safety certificate is a certificate stating that the fire safety measures within the building are capable of performing to the standard defined by the fire safety schedule.


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