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Fire Doors

Fire Doors can be used in buildings, structures or ships and they are designed to reduce the spread of smoke and fire so you evacuate the area safely. Fire doors are a part of our Passive fire service. Other separation functions may include fire resistant walls, floors, passive smoke venting, passive signage and the design of the evacuation routes of the building. Passive fire functions are used/designed to separate smoke and fire they do not actively respond to a fires flame, smoke or high temperature.

Fire Doors Service

A fire door is made from a special fire resistant material and needs to have a fire rating compliance tag, it also has a steel fire resistant door frame that is an entrance to a fire proof stairway or tunnel. At Majestic fire we provide personal services on all our equipment. It is essential that Fire doors and all fire safety equipment have regular on going services, Inspections, testing and maintenance to make sure they work efficiently and ensuring all occupants are safe during a fire emergency. if you need any information feel free to contact us today.

Fire Door Testing, Inspections and Maintenance

Maintaining your fire doors is crucial to ensuring the safety of occupants in your building, in the event of a fire the fire door is used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within your building. Fire doors need to be tested and maintained regularly, during inspections our team at majestic fire will insure the fire door is working properly, by identifying the fire doors functions are working correctly our team will identify the condition of the fire door and verify the fire door closes at a specific time and seals correctly. The magnetic release function also needs to be tested but there is no limit in what needs to be tested. Our qualified technicians will provide all essential services on all of the fire door equipment professionally and ensure they provide you with a report on all identifying failures and corrective actions for repairs. You should always keep your fire doors clear from obstructions.

Fire Doors installations

For Various fire doors types, Majestic fire protection team has highly experienced personal that can help with your installations, repairs and maintenance. For more information regarding fire doors in your facility or office or any other fire protection services  please contact our team today on 02 9197 7384 or email