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Fire Extinguishers

At Majestic Fire Protection, we are experts in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial fire extinguishers and supplies. We also supply Canvas Fire Hoses, Extinguishers, Hose Reel Protective Cabinets, Fire Blankets and Smoke Detectors. 

Fire extinguishers are the ideal safety tool for your office, car, or home. They are universally user-friendly, and cost effective.

It’s important to highlight that there are multiple types of fire extinguishers on the market all suited to different environments and user preferences, and contain the best substance suitable for tackling whatever emergency that may arise.

Types of Extinguishers

CO2 Extinguishers:

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers (CO2) are popular for use in spaces where there is electrical equipment, such as offices or server rooms. The retardant material is the safest to use on fires with origins in or around electrical outlets and devices.

These extinguishers do not leave residue, compared to foam extinguishers. They can also cease flammable liquid fires, such as fires involving paraffin or petrol.

CO2 extinguishers work to smother flames of oxygen. Once emitted, the carbon dioxide becomes very cold, cooling the fuel of the fire very fast – making it most effective on Class B and Class E fires.

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Dry chemical extinguishers:

Dry chemical fire extinguishers are the most common type of extinguisher in Australia. They are extremely versatile, as they can be applied to douse Class A, B, and E fires.

Most dry chemical fire extinguishers are filled with monoammonium phosphate, a retardent that flows easily from the tank and melts as it moves over the flames.

Dry chemical extinguishers have the ability to arrest fires quickly and work on different fire fuels at wide temperature ranges. However, they do leave residue, can cause visibility problems during fire-fighting, and aren’t particularly suited for office or residential spaces.

Foam extinguishers:

Foam fire extinguishers work by blanketing a fire with a layer of foam to quickly cut off a fire’s air supply, and stop the release of extra flammable vapours. They work best on Class A or Class B (oil and liquid) fires, ideally where the source of the fire stems from a petrol or diesel ignition. Traces of water in the foam work with a cooling effect when applied to the liquid ignition, which then seals liquid vapours on the surface

While they are more effective than water extinguishers for Class A and B fires, they too leave a residue and are not entirely effective on fires involving fat deep fryers. They are not suitable for electrical fires or treating flames near electrical outputs or devices.

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Mobile extinguishers: 

These extinguishers are best for commercial and industrial spaces that don’t have readily accessible water sources, and are available in any kind of retardent needed for the business’ environment.

Water extinguishers:

Water fire extinguishers are best to use and are common in environments containing solid combustible materials such as wood, paper, and textiles (Class A fires).

Obviously, as water conducts electricity, they are not suitable to use around office spaces, heavy machinery, or any fire environment near or caused by electricals. Water extinguishers do not subtract the air supply of fires, like foam, but ultimately works to eliminate the heat element.

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Wet chemical extinguishers:

Wet chemical fire extinguishers work wonders against cooking oils and fats. The retardent inside the tank contains an agent that distributes a textured blanket across the fuel surface, suffocating the fire’s air supply and liquid vapours.

Restaurant and industrial kitchens benefit most from having a wet chemical extinguisher in the situation of a fire emergency, as wet chemical extinguishers also prevent the splashing of the oil or fat fueling the flames.

Majestic Fire have the ability to install and maintain your fire extinguishers to ensure their longevity and effectiveness in any environment, so they are at the ready in a crisis situation. We are also able to inspect your fire safety tools and precautions regularly in your home, office, or industrial space.