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Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are one of the most important parts of a fire sprinkler system, such that the fire system requires its own designated fire pump. A fire pump is essentially used to move the existing water supply from the water system or water tank to an allocated discharge area. These fire pumps are typically powered by electricity, although some larger scale pumps are also powered by diesel or steam engines.


Majestic Fire supplies various types and sizes of quality fire pumps, ranging from semi-portable pumps to vertical units that are multiple-storeys high.


At Majestic Fire, our highly experienced team is able to repair, replace or provide semi and/or annual maintenance and certification for your fire pump. Our team has been trained to give the best quality service, whilst using the best parts for repair and maintenance.

To enquire about the types of pumps we supply, or about our maintenance services, feel free to click the “CONTACT US” button below, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.