Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are designed to keep occupants safe from a fire. Majestic Fire Protection’s hose reels can be used indoors, attached to a building, plumbing system or standpipe. Outdoor hose reels can be found attached to a fire hydrant or on fire engines.

Fire hose reels are best used in commercially large buildings, where rooms are greater than 500m2. As a fire extinguisher or the normal garden hose may not be sufficient to put out larger fires and these help keeps the person using it at a safe distance. Hose reels will be best suited as their long hoses have pressurised water pushed out by powerful jets allowing them to reach flames at a safe distance. This can also help create a barrier to help stop the spreading of fire.

Fire Hose Reel Service

To help save lives and buildings Majestic Fire Protection provides a fire hose reel service. This service is to maximise the efficiency of the fire hose reel in an emergency. The performance of the fire hose reel will be tested and have a full inspection. Our services include, making sure the correct signage is shown, the water pressure and flow is correct, connecting of the valves, winding of the hose and they are installed correctly to ensure it is in safe working order.

Fire Hose Reel Maintenance & Inspections

Australian Standards 1851 section 9 is to prove fire hose reels function as required which is 20 litres per minute. We ensure we are in accordance with the Australian standard by having our team conduct six monthly fire hose reel inspections and an annual flow test. During fire hose reels maintenance tests our team inspect, maintain and ensure all services and tests are conducted to verify the fire hose reel is functioning correctly.

Fire Hose Reel Testing

Majestic Fire Protection’s hose reels can do fire hose reel testing for you as you are required to have  6 monthly and annually test’s done. These tests are done to verify the functionality and accessibility of your fire hose reels, this is why fire hose reel testing needs to be done regularly.

Fire Hose Reel Installations

Majestic Fire Protection can provide fire hose installations. Fire hose reels are installed in large areas correctly to ensure they are operating safely. Servicing and ongoing maintenance should to be done by a qualified person or technician.

Our Fire Hose Reels features:

  • A unique ball valve shut off device, ensuring the maximum flow of water is available to the hose with one movement of a lever
  • A solid brass hose nozzle
  • Quick and easy installation using our simple wall mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel Wormald Fire Hose Reels are also available on request for severe environmental applications such as marinas
  • In accordance with Australian Standards AS 1851 and AS 2441 all Fire Hose Reels are required to be serviced every six (6) months.

For more information on fire hose reel supply, service, maintenance, inspections, testing and installations request ac call back.


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