Fire Safety Panel

A Fire Safety Panel allow occupants of any building type to have more valuable time finding their way out of the building in an emergency, to undergo the evacuation safely and efficiently fire safety panels are employed to control alarm systems for the whole building. A necessary use of safety signs needs to be clearly visible for all occupants in the building. In the occupational environment we need to follow Australian standards with the design and use of fire safety. In many types of commercial premises fires occurring or becoming out of control would benefit using fire safety panels. Fire safety signs are a good cost effective method to use, If used, safety signs need to be placed correctly so they reduce the risk of harm during a fire emergency

Fire Safety Panels Service and Maintenance

Majestic fire presents our customers with a direct point of contact. We have a team of experienced technicians on call 24/7. Our service technicians are trained to install service maintain and test your fire safety panels. Our team will ensure your fire safety panels are compliant to Australian standards. Using patented servicing and test technologies majestic fire’s team can provide excellent service on a wide range of safety panels, including Fire Safety Panels Inspections and maintenance on other manufacturer’s fire panels. Majestic fire’s expertise spans across a range of fire alarm systems and interventions including building compliance, EWIS, passive fire protection, fire alarm and detection systems.

Fire Safety Panels Testing

Testing of your fire safety panel is crucial in maintaining the correct function of the fire safety systems. Fire safety panels control alarm systems for the whole building, alerting unsafe areas, lock off certain doors and trigger water sprinklers. Fire alarm systems are essential to the safety of your premises and employees. Fire panels need to be tested regularly as the fire alarm monitors your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If any of the systems or equipment fail, they need to be replaced and/or repaired and the results should be recorded in the building’s essential safety measures logbook. And if needed your insurance company can use the information.

Fire Safety Panels Inspections

Keeping fire safety panels well maintained saves lives and properties. Fire Safety Panels need to have scheduled routine Inspections and comprehensive servicing and maintenance done by qualified technicians, to ensure the systems are always functioning efficiently, Majestic fire service technicians are experienced, qualified personnel that can provide inspections and test all essential fire safety equipment on your property.

Fire Safety Panels installations

Fire alarm panels are installed to ensure people inside a building is safe in the event of an emergency. Fire Safety Panels need to be connected properly and in working order. Commercial fire alarm panels are installed into the ceiling and when it detects the first sign of a fire it engages the sprinkler system to turn on, which releases water to through the fixtures of the area exposed and into the fire and through a network connection. It simultaneously alerts the workers in the area to evacuate also notifies the fire fighting service there is a fire, as there is an emergency alert system connected to the fire safety panel.

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