Fire Pumps

Majestic Fire has a range of fire pumps in various sizes and types of quality pumps we supply. These range from vertical units that are multiple-storeys high to semi-portable fire pumps. Fire pumps are powered by diesel or steam if it is a large scale they need to reach but typically fire pumps are powered by electricity.

As fire sprinkler systems need water to travel from a water tank or water system and move it to an allocated discharge area. A designated fire pump is used to move this water through the sprinkler system, the most important part of this system is a fire pump.

Fire Pump Service

Fire pumps need to be serviced regularly, semi and/or annually. Maintenance is needed to ensure the pump delivers the correct pressure and flow at all times. If the Fire pump is not serviced it may fail to perform efficiently and be the matter of life or death. Here at majestic fire we use the best parts for repairs and maintenance and we have a highly experienced team who will give you the best quality of service.

Fire Pump Maintenance

Maintenance of a fire pump is to verify the pressure and flow of the water and the fire pumps mechanical integrity. To ensure it is in safe working order, Fire pump maintenance needs to be done annually from a trained employee. Whether or not Majestic fire has installed the fire pump or another technician has, we at majestic Fire can be of assistance.

Fire Pump Testing

Majestic Fire’s goal is to ensure the fire pump is in great working order. This is why regular fire pump testing is required, this happens by inspecting all parts of the fire pump and making sure they are free from damage.

The inspections cover a wide array of checklist items and can include:

  • Gauge Readings
  • Electrical System Conditions
  • Fluid and Oil Levels
  • Water Flow and Temperature (If Heated)

Majestic Fire will provide you with a customised fire pump inspection to suit your specific needs and document everything as a part of our service. Let us tailor a package to suit you.

Fire Pump Inspections

For all fire equipment to perform at their maximum capabilities, the equipment needs to be serviced and tested regularly. These fire pump inspections will detect that all systems are running to the maximums efficiency. Fire pumps need to have maintenance semi and/or annually inspected to ensure they work.  Fire pumps apply an important part of a fire sprinkler system and are used in an emergency.  At majestic fire we provide all maintenance services, inspections, testing and certification for your fire pumps and all other fire safety equipment. Majestic fires trained service personnel follow out their services to match all of specific requirements accordance of the Australian standards. Whether your fire pump needs to be repaired or replaced our team will provide you with the best quality service and maintenance.

Fire Pump Installations

A critical safety item used across the world is a safety fire pump. A fire safety pump is used in buildings to ensure the fire system has enough water pressure, to reach the sprinkler systems in case of a fire emergency. Majestic fire provides highly trained team members to carry out fire pump installations. We hope they are not needed but to keep the fire pump working efficiently Majestic Fire provide a great service and regular maintenance on all fire pump installations.

For more information on fire pump supply, service, maintenance, inspections, testing and installations.

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