Saving Lives & Properties

Passive Fire Protection

To protect people and properties Majestic Fire provide passive fire protection. There are three types of fire prevention and protection mechanisms used for passive fire protection. These protection mechanisms help minimise the spread of fires inside a building. Passive fire protection uses static, predetermined strategies. These strategies include any safety measure that provides fire and/or smoke separation. Passive fire does not actively respond to a fires flame, smoke or high temperature. The types of separation functions may include fire resistant walls, floors and doors, passive smoke venting, passive signage and the design of the evacuation routes of the building. This allows occupants more valuable time to undergo evacuation.

Passive Fire Protection Service

The Majestic Fire Protection team is highly experienced. In installing, repairing and maintaining various fire door types. To contact our team regarding fire doors at your facility or office or for more information on our passive fire protection service then please contact us today.

Passive Fire Protection Maintenance & Inspections

Passive Fire Protection maintenance and inspections are essential to keep up to date to ensure that it is reliable and ensures that it continues to meet the relevant specifications of the buildings design. Passive Fire Protection maintenance and inspections are to be carried out by an authorised personnel and should any defect occur these must be documented and fixed within a timely manner, however measures will need to be put into place to compensate in the meantime. Passive Fire Protection, E.G Fire Doors, Exit Signs and ETC can be maintained and inspected as a part of our Passive Fire Protection maintenance and inspection service.

Passive Fire Protection Testing

Passive fire protection testing needs to be done by accredited personnel in certified test facilities and passive fire test certificates must be issued by an accredited person.  Majestic fire has highly experienced team in installing, repairing and maintain various fire door types.

Passive Fire Protection Installations

Majestic Fire Protection is one of Australia’s leading Passive Fire Protection installer. Our experienced and professional personnel provide installations of Passive Fire Protection. Some of the things we install are Fire Doors, Fire Rated Walls and ETC. Our team can provide installations no matter how big or small the job is.

For more information on passive fire protection service, maintenance, inspections, testing and installations call 02 9197 7384 or email and we will endeavour to help you with your enquiry.