Saving Lives & Properties

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection is one of the three types of fire protection & prevention mechanisms used to protect people and properties. Passive Fire protection, unlike active fire protection, uses static, predetermined strategies to minimise the spread of fire inside a building.


This is achieved by carefully planning compartmentalisation of the building by using fire-resistance rated walls and floors. By compartmentalising the building into smaller sections, the spread of fire is better able to be managed without an extra effort required, since it is prebuilt into the building. By limiting the spread of fire passively, this ultimately limits the building damage and reduces the likelihood of a human being affected, allowing the occupants more valuable time to undergo evacuation.


One other significant passive fire protection method is the effective use of Fire Doors. Fire doors are an extremely significant feature in office buildings, commercial facilities and industrial complexes. These Fire Doors are responsible for preventing the spread of fire and smoke throughout various segments of the building or complex. Various different types of fire doors exist, each with a fire resistance rating which signifies the duration and degree of fire it can resist in the event of a fire.


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