Smoke Alarm and

Smoke Alarm and moke Detectors and  moke Alarm are essential to comply with Commonwealth Government, State Government and local Council regulation, be it photoelectric smoke detectors or ionization smoke alarms. The laws demand that tenants or owners of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings install Smoke Alarms and  Detectors for better safety.



We can supply, install or test with our skilled professionals to deliver the best service and cost efficient solution to meet your needs, be it photoelectric smoke detectors or ionization smoke alarms.

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Maintaining your smoke alarm ensures it’s in working order for when you need it the most.

Hard-wired smoke alarm

A hard-wired smoke alarm consists of a 240-volt smoke alarm connected to a home’s electrical system with a battery back-up power supply.

Battery operated smoke alarm

Most smoke alarm come with a battery but not all batteries are the same:

  • 10 year lithium batteries: These batteries are recommended and last as long as the smoke alarm.
  • Lead or alkaline batteries: Need to be replaced yearly.

Smoke Alarmand Smoke Detector

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